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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Freezer Log

Pin It My freezer space is limited to two top-freezers; one in the kitchen, and one in the garage. All summer I've been cramming stuff in there willy-nilly. It was so chaotic that every time we opened the freezer door packages of food would tumble out.

So, one shelf at a time, I pulled EVERYTHING out and took inventory. I divided the freezer space into six sections:
  1. Inside top: Pre-made meals
  2. Inside bottom: Fruits & veggies
  3. Inside door: Vegetarian foods
  4. Garage top: Premade meals, cheese, & misc.
  5. Garage bottom: Meat
  6. Garage door: Misc.
Looking at my freezer inventory log, I'm AMAZED at how much is actually in there. I won't get specific, but here's a condensed version of the log:
  • 21 packages of veggies (peppers, corn, onions, etc.)
  • 29 packages of fruit (berries, rhubarb, peaches)
  • 5 packages of nuts
  • 9 packages of cheese
  • 50 packages of meat (steaks, chicken breasts, sausages, hot dogs, cooked bacon, ham, etc.)
  • 41 packages of pre-made meals (serving sizes are about 4-6 people each)
  • 16 misc. packages (pesto, chicken broth, tomato paste, etc.)
One of my friends recently said that in an emergency, she's coming to our house! That would be long as the emergency is not a power outage. In that case we're limited to tomato sauce, jam, applesauce, peaches, pears, and bad salsa.


Angelina said...

C'mon, didn't you say that one of those batches of salsa turned out pretty good?

I hadn't thought a whole lot about the power outage thing until a friend who's visiting me just said I need to get a generator for my new freezer.

That just makes me want to can more stuff.

dg said...

Actually, the salsa verdes were pretty decent.

I have my friend's recipe for lime salsa, and am HOPING I have enough time on Friday to make it for my party on Saturday. Also hoping that there are still some peppers/tomatoes left at Bernards!!

Angelina said...

I've been wondering about the pepper tomato situation too. I'm starting to get feverish wondering how much more preserving I can cram into the next week. Surely I should pickle some peppers as well as roasting and freezing a ton of them, right? And I can't possibly make enough roasted tomatoes...