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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gardening Inspiration From Pinterest

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January in the Pacific Northwest is dreary.  We have rain for days and weeks on end, gloomy grey skies, and we tend to hole up inside the house.  Not much gets done on the yard.  The weeds are growing...oh, my!  The dried up perennials that should have been trimmed in fall, are, well, still needing a trim.  The now-shady yard that used to be sunny still needs a total overhaul.   And the grass (or is it mostly weeds by now??) in back also probably needs a total overhaul.  It's patchy with divots and holes.  

I really should get out there and at least work on it 20 minutes a day.  Perhaps that will be my goal for February.  Other than the patchy grass, I could make a SERIOUS dent in my yard work if I would only get out there for 20 minutes a day. As I'm writing this, that little voice inside my head is screaming, "SO DO IT!  MAKE A COMMITMENT AND GET OUT THERE!"  OK, I will.  20 minutes a day...10 in front; 10 in back.  When those spring bulbs start popping out of the ground, they won't be surrounded by autumn's mess.

So, what have I been doing with the yard?  Scanning Pinterest, of course, for inspiration!  Here are some of the things I'd like to incorporate in my yard this year:

Love, love, love!  I've tried so many kinds of garden markers.  I just adore these.  Source
I love the wire arch that goes over a path between two garden beds.  I might be able to do this in my front, side yard, but I think it would be too busy.  Another, even better, spot could be in the back corner of the yard, where I compost.  Hmmm...ideas!!  Source
Hanging lavender to dry.  Great way to dress up a gate too.  Source
I have a dozen or so of these short shepherd's hooks, and I have a gazillion mason jars.  Oh, yes, I most definitely have hydrangeas!  I will be doing this the next time I entertain.  Source
Attach a mailbox to the raised beds for garden tool storage.  YES!  My raised beds would love to have their own little trowels, twine, and pruners stored nearby.   Source.

I love this cucumber trellis that shades lettuce.   Source.

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