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Friday, May 1, 2009

Worms are welcome! (Spiders too!)

Pin It As I was digging up more Creeping Jenny today, I happily realized that I've been coming across worms nearly every time I scoop up a clump of the groundcover. I've been inspecting each clump, returning the worms to the garden. Worms are good stuff, especially when you have naturally clay soil.

It reminded me of when we first moved in and had pretty much a bare yard. My in-laws gave Katie a little wooden spider catcher. It was simply a wooden octogon on a stick that you could place in the yard. The idea is that spiders would call it home and create some amazing webs to view. We stuck it in the ground and waited. And waited. No spider ever made this stick thing its home.

Fast forward a few years. We started landscaping. Trees, shrubs, veggies, fruits, flowers, and ground cover were added...eventually covering nearly every bit of earth. We now have spiders in abundance! One morning a couple years ago (October '07) when the morning was foggy and damp, every single web in the yard was illuminated. It was such an amazing sight. I've seen little glimpses of it since, but nothing quite like that one morning.

The spiders finally came!

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