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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Garden sharing....

Pin It Well, I went to the local garden swap today, and it was a complete bust. Perhaps it got better as the day went on, but when I went (at 11, and then again at noon), the tables were virtually empty. Such a drastic change from the past two when the tables were piled high, and neighbors were chatting with neighbors. It was such a fun exchange.

With today's warm, sunny weather I thought it would be packed. Nope. I left my Foxglove, Canterbury Bells, and Creeping Jenny for folks to take. I took a couple packs of lettuce seeds, only to find out later that they were dated 1994 and 2001. Into the trash they went! Hopefully next year will be much better....

With that in mind, I still have a lot of Foxglove and Creeping Jenny. You can have all you want. First, I will warn you about both before you take them!

The foxglove, while a bienniel, reseeds prolifically. Someone who stopped by my yard last year told me, "Ah,'ll never get rid of them!" To which I replied, "Why would I want to?!" I do love them. But I have some spots where thousands are growing. I've already "weeded" thousands of them (as teeny-tiny dots), but am letting a bunch of others grow a bit in case someone wants them. They can be quickly scooped up with the soil to replant directly in your yard or into some 4" pots until they get bigger. So there's your warning...once you have them, you'll never get rid of them.


And the Creeping Jenny. I love that it grew as groundcover in a shady corner of the yard under the maple tree. I loved the rounded little green leaves and the cheery yellow flowers so much that I took a few sprigs and planted them in other areas. 5-6 years later I'm ready to say goodbye and am digging it all up. If you want this in your yard, all you need to do is stick a tiny piece in the ground. They will root and spread nearly as quickly as peppermint. I have all you could ever want, and more! The only place I will ever use this again will be in a container! It looks nice in a hanging basket as it cascades down. Just don't let it get all the way to the ground or it will root and take've been warned.

Creeping Jenny

Now, if you still want any of this, just let me know. Seriously. You can have all you want!


Angelina said...

I want both! I am at that early point in my garden where any prolific spreader and seeder is desired because there's so little here. I mean- provided it's something I like. I love Foxgloves! And I am not very familiar with Creeping Jenny but it looks very pretty and I could use some ground cover that is pretty and not timid. Something besides the bindweed I have.

Angelina said...

Sorry it took me so long to get back here! I just sent you an e-mail and my phone number.