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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Trendy cuts of meat

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Have you noticed that flank steak is so darned expensive now?? When did this happen??

It used to be cheap, tough cut of meat. It was a staple in our house until the past few years when we've had to switch to sirloin when we want a decent cheap steak. Flank steak used to be under $4 a pound. Now it's usually $8-12 per pound. Occasionally I can find it on sale for $6.49. What made the price of flank steak soar?

I wondered if this was all just in my head, but after talking to my friend, Heidi, I found out she'd noticed a big difference as well.

Then tonight, when I was looking at the keywords used in search engines, I learned that for my entire year of blogging history, "flank steak marinade" is the number one thing that people search for when they come to my blog. Next is "steak marinades," "potato cheese soup," and then "steak marinade" (singular). There are three times as many people searching for "flank steak marinade" than regular ol' "steak" marinades.

What does this tell me? That somewhere along the line flank steak has become trendy. Huh. Who knew??


Stephanie said...

Interesting! Until a few years ago, nobody I know had heard of flank steak or knew what to do with one. Now the tables have turned, I suppose? My friend raises cattle, and we buy beef from her. I consider her to be my local beef expert. She tells me that the National Beef Council (I think?) has announced that 3 cuts of beef are lower in saturated fat per serving than chicken, and one is flank steak. I wonder if that's why it's moo-ving (couldn't resist) up the charts in popularity?

dg said...

That's very interesting!! Thanks for adding what you've learned. I still cook with flank steak; I just buy it in bulk when it's on sale.