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Monday, August 18, 2008

Northwest Oregon Harvest Schedule

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Are you wondering when certain things are in season? Here's a general harvest schedule* for Northwest Oregon:

Apples: Aug-Nov
Artichokes: May-June, Sept-Oct
Beans, Green: July-Sept
Beans, Dry: July-Sept
Beans, Shell: Aug-Oct.
Beans, Wax: July-Sept
Beats: Jan, June-Dec
Blackberries: July-Aug
Blueberries: July-Sept
Boysenberries: July-Aug
Broccoli: June-Sept
Brussel Sprouts: Sept-Jan
Cabbage: June-Feb
Carrots: June-Jan
Cauliflower: July-Sept
Celery: Aug-Nov
Cherries, Pie: July-Aug
Cherries, Sweet: June-July
Corn, Sweet: July-Oct
Cucumbers: July-Oct
Currants, Black: June-Aug
Currants, Red: June-Aug
Eggplant: Aug-Oct
Garlic: Aug-Dec
Gooseberries: July-Aug
Hazelnuts: Oct-Dec
Kiwi: Sept
Leeks: Sept-May
Lettuce: May-Nov
Loganberries: July-Aug
Marionberries: July
Melons: Aug-Oct
Nuts: Sept-Oct
Onions: June-Oct
Parsnips: Sept-Feb
Pears: Aug-Oct
Pears, Asian: Sept
Peas: June-July
Peppers: Aug-Oct
Plums: Aug-Oct
Potatoes: Jan-Dec
Pumpkins: Oct-Nov
Quince: Oct
Radishes: May-Nov
Raspberries: June-Oct
Rhubarb: Apr-June
Shallots: Sept-Dec
Spinach: Jan-Dec
Squash, Summer: June-Oct
Squash, Winter: Sept-Feb
Strawberries: June-July
Strawberries, Everbearing: June-Sept
Tayberries: July
Tomatoes: July-Oct
Turnips: June-Jan
Walnuts: Oct-Dec
Zucchini: June-Oct

*source: Washington State University Extension Service

The Oregon WIC program also has a PDF document listing harvest times. Their times are similar, but not exact to the ones listed above.

And, yet another schedule can be found on Oregon Fresh's website: Fruit & Nuts and Vegetables.

Looking at a couple schedules should give you a good idea of when crops are usually available.

What if you're wanting to plant these crops in your own garden? Oregon State University's Extension service has a great monthly garden calendar that includes a planting schedule. It's a great resource for what to do and when to do it!

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