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Monday, August 11, 2008

BBQ Chicken

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Having lived all over the US, I've learned that the term "barbeque" means very different things to different people. Growing up in the west and southwest, "barbeque" was usually a verb describing how something was going to be cooked. It was also an noun/event, as in "We're having a barbeque." Most barbeque sauces I knew of were tomato based, and usually made by Kraft. How little I knew...

When we moved to South Carolina "barbeque" took on a whole new meaning. It was a specific dish...usually shredded pork and was no longer tomato based, but vinegar based. Sometimes it was mustard based. The low country South Carolinians took great pride in their barbeque. I was never a fan of it, but my husband most definitely was. But I did learn that there was a whole lot more to barbeque than grilling with Kraft.

While we were in South Carolina, we came across a small chain of southern restaurants called Sticky Fingers. I had THEIR barbequed chicken for lunch one day and was in heaven. It was the best I'd ever had. I was thrilled to learn that they sold their sauce in their restaurants and online. Even now, after living in Oregon for 7 years, I still order my BBQ sauce from them. MY favorite is the Memphis Original, although we usually order a mixed case of all their sauces. It's nice to have a variety on hand!

So, it is with this favorite sauce that I made up a batch of shredded BBQ chicken when I had my "Eat the Meat" event (from the "Great Thaw of 2008"). I had a bunch of thawed cooked shredded chicken that needed to be eaten ASAP. I needed something quick and easy to make, and so I took a bottle of my Memphis Original from the pantry, mixed it in a pot with the cooked chicken, heated it up and served it on buns. VoilĂ ! A new quick and easy staple to make in minutes!

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