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Friday, May 1, 2009

I promise to never....

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  1. Use landscaping fabric again. It seems like a good idea. It really does. You put it down to keep the weeds from coming through. What they don't tell you is that soon (much sooner than you think!) the weeds will start growing on top of the fabric. You see, once you put down the fabric, you place a layer of mulch on top so no one sees the fabric. Well....weeds grow in mulch just as easily as they grow in dirt! And, how the heck are you supposed to add compost to your plants? If you put in on top of the paper/mulch, it just sits on top and never amends the soil. Here's a bit of my landscaping fabric peeking through. There is a nice layer of dirt that has accumulated on top of it. I find it, I'm tearing it out. The weeds are going to come with or without the fabric. Save yourself some money!!
  2. Plant mint in the garden. This was one of the very first garden lessons I learned way back when we first married. It needs to be contained so it doesn't take over your whole yard.
  3. Plant Creeping Jenny in the yard. This one will be used in containers only. It wasn't a fast creeper, but after five years it was quickly starting to take over. It grows right over low-growing plants and can smother them. I've dug out about 3/4 of mine in the past couple weeks.
  4. Plant campanula punctata (aka Cherry Bells) in the garden. This one is even worse than mint. It was really hard to eradicate! There are many types of campanula, and not all are invasive. In fact, one of my favorites, Canterbury Bells, is a type of campanula. It's a keeper!

Canterbury Bells

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