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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Garden Displaylists

Pin It As I drive through town, I am drawn to certain plants in people's yards. Often it takes me awhile to think of the perfect spot for that plant. As my yard becomes more established, it gets harder and harder to make room for the new favorites. I don't want to have to choose between plants. I want them all!! Past favorites that have managed to find room in my very full garden are the star magnolia, snowball bush, and the crabapple and ornamental cherry trees. I didn't think these would fit, but somehow we have managed!

But at some point, like with an iPod, you simply run out of space. With an iPod, at least you can swap out your music, and have a variety to fit your mood, even if all your songs don't fit on it at one time. Unfortunately in a garden you have to make room, or (gasp!) get rid of another.

In an ideal world, one favorite plant could magically take the place of a fading one that is on its way out for the year. Kind of like an iTunes playlist. I could create favorite displaylists for each season. As one group of plants (like early spring bulbs) begin to fade away, I could dump those back onto my gardening hard drive and start displaying a new group. If only gardening could were as tech savvy as music...

My spring displaylist:
My summer displaylist:

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