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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The birds are back

Pin It I'm not a bird fanatic, but I do love when they choose spots in my garden to build a nest. We have two birdhouses mounted on our fence, and this year both have nests. One may be an old nest (Did I clean it out last year???) as I haven't seen any birds going in and out. The other one has been the center of frequent activity.

Today we finally got some sun (yea!!) and I was sitting at my table reading, with my camera ready to see if I could get a picture of one of the birds going in/out of the house. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that I can click, click, click and take a ton of pics so quickly...quickly enough to catch the bird in flight as it was leaving the nest. (The delay on my old point & shoot was soooo aggravating.)

I also went over to check on the nest that is in our evergreen clematis plant. I shook the plant first in case the birds were there. It wasn't until I started lifting some branches that it flew out! It flew right into a nearby tree watching me. Soon, three swallows were circling around the area rather protectively. I took a couple quick pics of the nest and got out of their way!

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Brian said...

And Tahoe can't catch them.