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Sunday, April 6, 2008

More on...How do people find this blog?

Pin It Most of my blog visitors come here from a link somewhere (website, other blogs, email links, etc.) or directly (possibly bookmarked). But it's always interesting to find out what all the others were searching for when they opened up this little food and gardening blog.

Since August, most people are searching for "potato cheese soup". There are tons of variations on this as well....."marie callender's potato cheese soup", "freezing cheese soup" and so on. This is by far the most popular subject plugged into google that sends visitors to this blog.

Next popular is "rice krispie wreaths" and its tons of variations: "rice krispie wreath", "rice crispy treat wreaths" and so on.

Surprisingly, many are looking for information on "suction lids". Are any of you really using these? I really think they could be useful, but I'm just so set in my ways that I haven't worked them into my normal kitchen routines. Sadly, they just sit in a lid holder in my pantry gathering dust.

Lots of people are looking for recipes that can be made ahead and frozen. They're searching with things like, "freezer meals", "batch cooking", "flash freezing", and "premade meals" among others. There seems to be a resurgence in popularity for freezer cooking, batch cooking, using FoodSavers, etc. 10-12 years ago there was one stand-by cookbook for batch cooking: Once-A-Month cooking. I still have my original copy, though my recipes and methods have expanded since venturing into this type of cooking. Now there are tons of cookbooks, blogs, websites, etc. available. Don't forget the popularity of the fairly new meal-assembly places like Dream Dinners, Super Suppers, and Entree Vous. Did the meal assembly places spark a creative make-ahead cooking bug in other people? I got out of the habit when I needed the most: when I had a child. Thankfully after visiting a couple of these places a couple years ago I came to my senses and started planning my meals again.

People are wanting good steak marinades and recipes/directions for making roulades. (They also want to know how to tie them!).

Since I started posting about good restaurants in my hometown of McMinnville, a lot of people (tourists? locals?) are finding their way here by searching for local restaurant information. Maybe I'll do the same for some of my favorite gardening centers, and some of my favorite U-pick places this summer.

Hopefully visitors are finding some helpful information...whether it's about food or gardening. If you find something especially helpful or interesting, feel free to leave a comment.

I'll be cooking something new (not sure what just yet) for my meal exchange on Wednesday. Hopefully we'll have some nice sun which makes it easier to take better food pics!

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