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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The first sunflowers...

Pin It They're here! The sunflowers are starting to bloom! They are so cheery and bright. I just love having them in the yard. I can't believe that last year was the first year I planted them in the garden.

This year I bought several packs...all different varieties. I planted them at the back of the vegetable bed, all along the northern perimeter of the front yard, and in the north-western corner of the backyard where the evergreens are still so small that a lot of sun reaches that spot. Even so, only a small percentage have survived.

In the backyard corner, I must've planted 30-40. Only about 5 are still going. In the front yard, the same thing happened. Along the vegetable bed, however, there are plenty growing. The flower above is from that bed.


ayah said...

I love sunflowers too, any idea why so few germinated and grew? Are they that difficult to grow?

dg said...

I'm thinking that the birds found the seeds before they even had a chance!