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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The best screen door ever....

Pin It We have never had good luck with screen doors. They get off track, get bent, or get stuck. We've never had a screen door that simply glides open. Right now, we have two broken screen doors in our garage, ready to go in the trash.

For awhile we were just leaving the back sliding door open, but two many flies, bees, and bugs found their way in.

A couple weeks ago Brian brought this home! It's a screen that attaches to your door frame with a tension rod, and some super sticky tape. You simply walk right through the two panels. It closes by itself with the help of a couple strong magnets. Smart. Very smart! And not too pricey either. Brian picked it up at Lowe's for about $40.

I LOVE it! The dog can now let himself in and out (no, we don't have a doggy door). The kids never forget to close the door. It's great for parties, when people are going in and out.

It's called the BugOff Screen. You can find out more here.

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