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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Re-growing Green Onions?

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Green onions are a staple in our kitchen.  I always use them. So I was intrigued to see all the images on Pinterest showing green onions re-growing on the kitchen window a glass of water.  Finally I decided to see what it was all about.

After I chopped up my onions, I kept the rooted end, with the white bulb (DANG...I usually chop that up too...right to the root!) attached.  Put them in a glass and added a bit of water. Changed the water every few days.  Slowly, but surely, they started to grow again. Can I say that again....SLLLOOWWWLLY...but surely.  Yes, slowly.  Too slow.

While these little beauties are growing on my windowsill, I've already purchased at least 5 more bunches at the grocery store!  I'm afraid I'd need about 10 glasses on my window sill, all growing at staggered rates to keep me supplied.

The green onions in back have been growing for three weeks.  The ones up front for four days.

So, does it work?  Yeah, it does.  Will I keep re-growing my green onions on my window sill?  Nope.

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I've already purchased at least 5 more bunches at the grocery store!
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