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Monday, March 28, 2011

Project Simplify Week 4: Cleaning out the Pantry and Fridge

Pin It For the past few weeks I've been participating in an on-line challenge.  It's from Simple Mom and we're just starting week 4.  Each Monday, for five weeks, a challenge is announced This week's challenge is to clean out the fridge and pantry.  Past weeks' challenges have been cleaning out closets and dressers, getting control of the paper clutter, and organizing kids' toys and clothing.

Every Monday I enjoy getting on-line to check out the new challenge.  Most folks are putting their before/after pics and stories on their blogs.  Since this challenge is directly related to the kitchen, I'll post this week's results as well.

We have two refrigerator/freezers and one upright freezer.  And a pantry.  Thankfully my upright freezer is brand-spanking new and organized to the hilt.  Same with the top freezer space in the garage.  The outside fridge needs some major wipe downs.  It does get neglected.  I thought the inside fridge was in pretty good shape.  Oh, no.  I was dreadfully wrong.  Lots of gunk stuck to the shelves.  Outdated dressings.  A few leftover containers past their prime.  And then...the dusty guk behind the vent.  Oh, my.

My pantry is in decent shape.  But I've strayed from putting my dry goods in Tupperware Modular Mates containers lately.  I've been meaning to get back on track with that, so I'm thankful for the challenge.  I will be the first to admit I'm a bit compulsive about sealing all my cereals and snacks and flour, etc. in Tupperware. has saved me a ton of $$ when we've had critter infestations.  Yeah, that's the stuff no one wants to talk about.  But as clean as our kitchen is, we've been attacked by some sort of weird bug that multiplied (South Carolina), ants (South Carolina and Oregon), and mice (Oregon).  The first time we threw out hundreds of dollars of food because of bugs.  When Tupperware had a 50% off sale on Modular Mates I became a consultant and bought a bunch!

Anyhow...back to the challenge.   Here are my before pics.  I DID get my kitchen freezer/fridge completed so I have some after shots as well.  I'll post more as I progress with the challenge.

Want to join in?  Start this week with the fridge/freezer and pantry.  Then check in next Monday to see the final challenge.
Kitchen Freezer:

Kitchen Fridge Door:
(Look!  All the mustards are together! Salad dressings too!)

Kitchen Fridge:
(I know it looks a bit sparse!  I purposely chose to do this task before a big grocery trip.)

Left Wall of Pantry:
(All before)

 Pantry Shelves (Before):

Pantry Shelves (After Pics):  COMING SOON!


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