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Friday, October 9, 2009

Sabbatication: Everything's Falling Into Place

Pin It What a nice feeling that is! Brian's research is continuing on (you can read all bout it in his Facebook "Note" section), I'm driving people where they need to be, volunteering a bit, and playing way too many Facebook games (hey, I have a bit of time on my hands!) I know, I know...I'm supposed to be using my camera and getting beyond lesson 3 in my Photoshop tutorial. I will, I will....

Katie, though, has made the most progress and I am so proud of her! The friend situations have settled; she has made some nice friends and is starting to do things with them outside of school (Girl Scouts and birthday parties so far). She's doing EXTREMELY well in her classes, and is more organized and on top of things than she ever has been. She's paying attention to deadlines and is completing homework ahead of time.

If you read my last notes, you might remember that it was only a couple weeks ago that we learned she was placed in the wrong math class. We *thought* she was in the higher group, only to learn that she was basically repeating last year's material. Sadly, it was 6 weeks into the school year that this was discovered.

She's finishing her third week in the new class (Algebra 1). We've (OK...Brian, mostly) been working with her to catch up and understand material that took the others 6 weeks to learn. She's been working tirelessly on her math, both before and after school. She's gone in for tutoring. Today she had her first test and got an A on it. In fact she "came in third place," as she put it...doing better than most of the class. 'Atta girl!! She was so proud. Proud enough to declare that worthy of an Eegee! Mom and Dad were VERY proud of her as well.

Weather-wise (because it's ALL about the weather in Tucson's fall/winter) it's been FABULOUS. Mid-70s-80's, blue skies, fabulous clouds (I think Tucson has the BEST clouds!), breezy winds. OK, there is absolutely no fall or winter here, and I do miss the crimson maple leaves that are starting to peak in McMinnville right about now. The rains, which are about to start (there, not here) I can do without! All in all, the weather's wonderful. Our only regret is that we can't leave the windows open at night. The neighborhood's too sketchy and the alarm system won't set unless they're all closed. We have been opening them in the afternoons when Brian's home, and it's refreshing to let the air in the house.

Cooking...with my limited supply of pantry ingredients I've been relying on simple dishes, though I'm on the look out for new recipes that use these same ingredients. I made two new recipes this week from Cooking Light that were true winners.

Friends...That's such an awesome part of being back in Tucson! In the past week or so I've had the pleasure of lunching, brunching, and visiting with Stacy McAlpine (met in 7th grade), Tami (Holman) Dillon (met in 6th grade), Suzy (Garra) Carver (met in 7th grade), Felipe Garcia (met in 7th grade), and will soon be getting together with Fong (Tom) Smith (met in 6th grade) and the most wonderful (retired) high school teacher of all, Cindy Schiesel.

Activities...we've been attending the UA's volleyball games and are becoming avid fans. We also attended the Greek Festival, but only stayed a short bit as it was blistering hot! This weekend we look forward to more volleyball, Tucson Meet Yourself Festival, and going to Sabino Canyon with one of Brian's former students.

Oh, and we'll probably treat Katie to that Eegee because she deserves it!

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