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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lauren's Norwegian Pancakes

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Because of our snowfall this week, Katie's friend, Alaina was *stuck* here overnight. The roads were just too slippery last night, so doggone it....they had to have a sleepover! This morning, when thinking about what to make them for breakfast, I thought back to when I was in sixth grade. I had lots of sleepovers at my friend, Lauren's house in Tucson. What I remember most (other than that she always had to practice piano before we could play!) was that we would make Norwegian Pancakes for breakfast. It was a family recipe, and I still have it 30 years later.

Lauren’s Norwegian Pancakes

3 eggs
½ C milk
2 TB sugar
½ tsp vanilla
½ C flour

Mix ingredients. Pour a couple spoonfuls onto a heated non-stick pan. Pick up pan & swirl batter around in a circular motion. Turn over. Top with butter, brown sugar or powdered sugar. Fold in half, then roll. Serve immediately.

When making these, they are best eaten immediately. Not soon after...immediately...while they're piping hot! It works best to have one cook making them quickly with a few eaters ready with their plates.

As soon as the pancake comes onto the plate, spread a little butter on it. Then add a little brown sugar, and spread. Fold the pancake in half, and roll. Eat! This is how she taught me to make them, though you could add other yummies to the center...fruit or jam. I bet those would be good too!

My favorite pan in the whole wide world is this Magnalite Professional anodized aluminum frying pan. My mom gave it to us as part of a wedding gift. Sadly, they are no longer made, but are easily found on ebay (they've held their value and bring a good price) as there are lots of Magnalite fans out there. It is not a non-stick pan, but nothing sticks to it. It browns so nicely too. It's just a dream to cook with. All of their pans are! The pancakes swirl nicely in this pan!

For this recipe, I also love a newer gadget...this slim little flipper from Oxo. It's a flimsy, thin little thing that easily wedges under delicate items like these pancakes, crepes, cookies, etc. Definitley handy!


Brian said...

Dang, I only had Cheerios! I should've come in to work later.

Foodista said...

Just dropping by to wish you a Merry Christmas!