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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tri-blossom camellia

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So, the other day I was talking about my camellia that has two completely different blossoms on it. Well, as we were sitting outside yesterday, Brian noticed that in addition to the rosy blossom and the white w/rosy stripes blossom, there is also a solid pale pink blossom. All on the same plant that was labeled "EG Waterhouse".

EG Waterhouse should look like this:

This is what my plant looks like:

The vase at the top of this post shows a close-up of all three blossoms on my camellia. The little vase is actually a cut glass salt/pepper shaker. I simply took off the metal screw-on lid, and use it for a mini bouquet. I LOVE using these small vases for short-stemmed flowers.

One bouquet tip: If you're bringing in woody-stemmed plants like camellias, you'll want to take a hammer (or meat mallet) and smash up the ends of the stem. That allows them to soak up more water.


Crystal said...

That is so weird how your bush turned out. We inherited several camelia bushes at our new house, and almost all of them are different one is the pink with the yellow middles, one is white with the yellow middles, one is like the Waterhouse you pictured, and one is similar to it but even paler pink.

Thanks for the tip about the hammer. My bouquets haven't been lasting so long, and I'll see if that helps.

dg said...

Yeah, it's a strange one. I'm curious to see what happens to it in time...if the dominant rosy blossoms take over, or if we'll see more of the other two. I swear that last year it was just the rosy blossom and the striped blossom.

She Who Waits... said...

I just planted a camelia that was to be varigated white with red streaks. It is at least a two color because we have the varigated along with a solid pinky red. I'll be interested to see if any more colors pop up!