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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Community Garden Swap

Pin It Today was the day of the Spring Garden Swap. Yesterday I dug out a bunch of variegated eunymous shrubs. A couple years ago I lined my driveway with them thinking I'd like an informal hedge along the side. After living with them for awhile, I realized my front gardening style is too eclectic and hodge-podge for any kind of hedge. They really were out of place. So, out they came! (Well, at least half of them. My mother-in-law asked for three, and I decided to keep a couple for other parts of the yard. Those are still in the ground until we are ready for them. But the other 5 did come out.)

I also dug out the sorrel plant from my herb garden. Some like this in salads, but I never got around to trying it, and found it was a very pesky plant. I don't recall it going to seed, but it must have, because there were dozens of little sorrels in the garden this spring. Though the new plants were tiny, their roots were already about 2" long. I hope I got out every little bit of this. The large sorrel plant went to the community swap.

And, since I have a bunch of it, I dug up some Creeping Jenny groundcover. I also found a flax plant that I bought last year. I really have no spot for this. They get HUGE. I only have small spots left. So that went to the swap as well. I figured the more I brought, the more I could take!

I was so excited to see goodies I might find. I got there shortly after it opened, and the parking lot was full of cars. There were master gardeners on hand to answer questions and just chat about plants.

The first thing that caught my eye was a 5' tall euphorbia plant. It was very pretty. I was about to snag that when I saw some smaller pots of the same thing. I'm no fool: smaller plants mean smaller holes to dig, and less stress to the plant. So I left the large one for someone else, and took one of the small ones.

I also found a bunch of daffodils (wanted more anyways), some orange daylilies, some bluish/purple spring bulbs (will have to ID them next spring), a lot of iris (no clue what size or color...hope I like them!), a few heuchera (coral bells), and some poppy seeds. I feel it was a great trade!

This swap is held twice a year, and I made sure to add my name to the email list for future notices. It really was a great event. I can't believe I've never gone before!


BoggyWoggy said...

Beautiful blog! Thanks for commenting on mine! Gardens rock!

Lisa said...

Great swaps! I always get the postcards for those swaps and think, that will be great to attend. Then I flake out and still haven't gone to one.

dg said...

Lisa, you really should go to one! I know I've seen the announcements for years. I don't know why I've never checked it out. I do recommend going first thing, and planning to hang out for an hour. Bring lots of divisions so you won't feel so greedy when you take so much!! I think the next one will be in September.