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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blooms and Bill....this Saturday!

Pin It This Saturday is starting to turn from a ho-hum kind of weekend day to one we'll be talking about for a long time. First, (and to tie it all to the theme of this blog) is the annual plant sale by the local Master Gardeners. Read more about it here. I plan on going first thing for best selection, and so I can get back home in time to see in Bill Clinton.

Yes, Bill Clinton is coming to little ol' McMinnville, Oregon this Saturday. We went online to see if we could get tickets as soon as we saw the article in today's local paper. Apparently there are seats available (or they're not turning anyone away) because my online reply was, "Thank you for your RSVP." OK! I guess we're in. How early will the line be forming? Will we all have seats? Can they fit us all (it's at the high school)?

We're taking Katie, who is less than enthusiastic about giving up precious weekend time to hear a speech by an old guy named Bill. But there is no choice in this matter...I mean, how often do you get the opportunity to see a former president? Neither my husband nor I have ever seen a president, and I truly think this will be one of those things she remembers for the rest of her life...even if she's fidgeting the whole time.

So, after buying some blooms, we'll be off to see Bill!

UPDATE: After getting some great plants (at FABULOUS prices...this is an annual must go to in our area!), I drove by the high school on the way home...just to check out the length of the line. At 10-ish there were about 20 people in line. It was a BEAUTIFUL day...not too hot; not too cold. When I arrived home, I decided to head out and save our group a spot in line. I got some food ready, brought a chair and a book and got in line. I was able to park directly in front of the school...right by my place in line. COOL! From that point, the line rapidly formed, and I was glad I'd come early. My family and some friends joined me, and we basically picnicked at the high school.

About an hour before Bill's expected arrival, they let us into the gym. We immediately dashed to the front, right near the podium. Our little group took up space in the second/third row...about 50 feet from the podium. That was exciting!

They played some music; someone spoke to get us a little excited, and then...we waited. We waited for a couple more hours in the CRAMMED, hot gym. And, because we were so far up front, people were pushing us forward. The girls, bored and hot, sat down, sipped on the one water bottle our group had, played games on a cell phone, and listened to the one iPod we had.

And then, all of a sudden, he arrived. He has a tremendous presence and is a great speaker. He really was captivating. Did he make me want to vote for Hilary? Well, as another of my friends put it, "No, but he made me want to vote for Bill!"

At the end, he came around to shake hands with the locals. We made sure our kids' hands were close to the front, and sure enough we all shook hands with a president. He reached far back into the crowds, shaking as many hands as he could reach. The kids didn't really care too much, but someday, they'll get to say they shook hands with a president. Pretty cool and well worth the wait in my opinion, regardless of your political position.

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Angelina said...

So how was Bill? I am just catching up on my blog reading after the trip and see that you have been AWOL from your own for over a month...must be getting some great garden time in!