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Monday, April 7, 2008

Blogging Ideas

Pin It Some posts come easily to when I'm making a new (to the blog at least) recipe or when something spectacular is happening out in the garden. Sometimes it's harder. There are always recipes to share, but in the Pacific Northwest, the lighting isn't always optimal for food pics. I take them anyway, but do wish our natural winter lighting were, well.....light.

Then there are times when ideas come to me, but are lost because I haven't written them down. Or I've written them down on a scrap of paper that is lost somewhere in my piles. Until I find those scraps, I'll simply start an idea list here:
  • favorite cookbooks
  • favorite gardening books
  • favorite local restaurants (add pictures too)
  • favorite local nurseries
  • favorite local u-pick produce places
  • my dream kitchen
  • Food-Saver tips
  • canning tips
  • more useful cooking gadgets
  • more useful gardening gadgets
  • yard art
  • lilies
  • progress on blocking the view into our home from our neighbor's house
  • update on the strawberry tower
  • update my holiday meal plan
  • my eight two-week meal plan rotations complete with recipes, shopping lists, food prep steps, etc.
  • vegetarian dishes
  • our side patio construction
  • before/after pics of the yard
  • plants I cannot get to grow
  • plants I will never plant again
Any other suggestions? Requests? Have you been searching for a specific recipe? Is there a McMinnville restaurant you'd like to know more about? Just let me know!

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