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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spring is in the air!

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All over town the crocus are in full bloom, the daffodils are just getting going, and the early spring flowering trees (like the plum trees in our yard) are getting ready to burst with blooms.

In our yard, we've had greetings from the mini iris that Katie planted in her garden bed. The daffodils are teasing me. They are THISCLOSE to opening; the tips are bright yellow, the head has flopped over, and several are partially open. The last few days have ended with the thought that, "Tomorrow will be the day." I truly think that tomorrow will be the day that this first daffodil is in full bloom.

Looking at my gardening journal, I realized that in just a couple weeks the spring flowers in my yard will really be taking off. I can't wait!! In the fall I need to remind myself to look for some extra-early blooming daffodils.


Deborah Dowd said...

The good and the bad of Spring- Good:Flowers, and end to cold, and more sunlight; Bad- tons of weeds and lots of work in the garden!

dg said...

Yes, the weeds ARE starting to spread! My front yard is in good shape but I really need to get a handle on the back before it gets out of hand. I'm LOVING the sun though!!

Angelina said...

Your garden pictures are enticing. Love the hyacinth you've got coming up!