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Monday, January 21, 2008

Still kickin'!

Pin It In the backyard, I'm trying to cover my boring fence with some vines. Other than a couple types of clematis, it's hard to find a hardy blooming evergreen vine for this area. One tender perennial is this star jasmine. It's a beauty when in bloom, and the scent is heavenly. But, it's known to kick the bucket during hard freezes. We dipped down to 26 last week, and the jasmine is still alive. We're expected to get down to 19 degrees Monday, and 16 degrees I'm curious to see if it will survive temps that low.

Also calibrochoa that is planted by my back patio. For whatever reason, calibrochoas LOVE this spot. I've planted them all over the yard, and it is only in this particular spot that they thrive. Last year's calibrochoa nearly made it to spring. This one seems to be even hardier. Only time will tell....

mid-January (above)

September 2007 (below)

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