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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Perfect Party Punch

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Just in time for New Year's Eve...the PERFECT party punch. What makes it so perfect? It's the right balance of sweet fruitiness with some zip from the Sprite. It takes the simple Hawaiian Punch/Sprite combo and kicks it up a notch or two.

To spike or not to spike, that is the question. For the designated drivers and the kiddos (should there be any present) I recommend leaving the alcohol out. You can always leave a bottle (or two) next to the punch bowl (see above photo).

The ice ring was made with this handy little Jell-o mold from Tupperware. Though a staple in the south, this particlular Jell-o mold is rarely used. It is kept in the back of the cabinet for the annual ice ring. (It also could be used to make Rice Krispie Treat Wreaths at Christmastime.)

Don't have a punch bowl? Then use your largest mixing bowl and a soup ladle. Last year I served it in this Tupperware bowl before I stumbled on my yard sale bargain of the year: a punch bowl complete with 36 matching cups, some cup rings, and a ladle. All for $7.50. The box it came in is labeled, "Good Junque." For $7.50 I quite agree!

Fruit Punch

Makes 16 quarts

Mix together:
1 can frozen orange juice
1 can frozen lemonade
1 can pineapple juice
1 (1.89 liter) bottle cran-raspberry cocktail juice
1 2-liter bottle Sprite
2 oz. Grenadine

Pour some of this into a jello mold for an ice ring.

Garnish with lemon & orange slices.

Add vodka or rum if desired.


Angelina said...

I don't generally go in for punch, being almost strictly a beer girl, but I have to say that sounds really good. Maybe next year when I'm not doing the eat local challenge I'll make this for a party treat.

dg said...

I don't usually do punch either...unless vodka's involved.