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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mason Jar Salt Shaker

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I suppose I'm like most Pinterest users...I've collected tons of ideas, but created very little.  I have made a few recipes.  (The microwave popcorn popped in a paper bag has been a favorite around here.)  Today I whipped up something super simple:  a mason jar salt shaker.  The Morton's salt container works just fine.  This is just cuter when I open my cabinet!

To make it, I emptied the salt into a wide mouth pint jar.  Then I used a bread knife to cut through the middle of the salt container.  I used scissors to cut out the entire top.  I placed the round top on a piece of scrap fabric and cut out the circle.  I outlined a hole for the metal dispenser and cut it out.  Then I simply put Mod-Podge on the cardboard circle and the back of the fabric.  I placed the fabric on the cardboard, and covered the top of the fabric with Mod-Podge.  I let it dry, and then placed it on the jar, secured with a metal mason jar band.

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