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Monday, November 9, 2009

Fabulous Food/Garden Magazines at Great Prices

Pin It Just in time for the holidays, Amazon has some great deals on magazine subscriptions. Cooking Light is a bargain at $5! I also added Sunset to my cart for $11. There are a lot of other deals as are the links:

Cooking Light ($5)

Sunset ($11)

Food Network ($10)

Plenty more with $3, $5, & $10 discounts....The discount shows up when you click on the specific magazine.

Happy shopping!


Scrapycandy said...

I was sent to a post of yours from 2008 by a two peas message. I copied your pumpkin pie recipe from cooks illustrated. Thanks for posting that! Happy Thanksgiving!

Draven Ames said...

I will have to give my mom this site. She will love it. Keep up the awesome work and, actually, your writing is very nice! good layout too. Keep in touch and hope to see you around my blog sometime. Have a wonderful day.

Cia said...

Look forward to your return in January. In the meantime I hope you really RELAX AND ENJOY!