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Sunday, June 14, 2009

June Garden Surprises

Pin It When we moved in (December '02) there were three small plum trees in our yard. They were planted sometime in 2002. While they're decorative plums (Thundercloud), they occasionally produce plums. Some years it's just a few, but every few years the trees are loaded. This is such a year.

Back in April when they were in full bloom, I was sitting in our swing beneath the two backyard plums. It was a quiet warm day, and the only noise around was the constant buzzing of the bees. They were everywhere! I kept saying to them, "Pollinate, pollinate, pollinate!" Sure enough...they pollinated. So now, two months later the trees are full of cherry sized plums. These plums don't get very large, maybe around 1" in diameter. They'll be ready in August and are quite tasty!

We are growing three different types of blueberries, and just yesterday I found this little volunteer plant in the garden. As tiny as it is, there are berries on it! I'm going to let it grow a bit more and then find it a new home.

Two other surprises were the pink snapdragons and a yellow calibrochia which came back. In the PNW, these are considered annuals, and I usually pull them out in the fall. As I've talked with other friends they say theirs sometimes come back too. So, from now on, I'm not going to leave them alone, and hope they'll return!

And, finally, the most exciting growth for me to watch this year is the formation of our first four pears. This pear tree was planted two years ago, and I'm thrilled to have pears so soon!

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