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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Snippets of life from the past three months...

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I haven't forgotten the blog. Nor have I stopped recording the progress in the garden and in the kitchen. Those of you from the Pacific Northwest will notice that my blog writing pretty much stopped when the rain stopped. That does seem to be the framework of my life. As soon as it dries up, the TV is off and the computer usage slows.

I've been outdoors...gardening, cooking, reading, camping, listening to my ipod (usually while cooking, gardening, reading, and camping!).

So, here are some little snippets of life from the last three months:

I really got into building up with my larger pots. First was the strawberry tower (wait 'til you see what it looks like now!), and next came the rusted iron trellis with a clematis in it. Hopefully this will grow bigger and better each year. These pics were taken in May.

Here is the side yard in May. The veggies and sunflowers had just been planted. Again, wait until you see it now!

My front yard garden in June was SPECTACULAR! The combination of a cooler, wetter spring made my foxgloves gigantic. Most were 6 feet tall! Mixed in with them were canterbury bells (both singles and the saucer/cup variety). Together it was magnificent. (July was a whole 'nother story as the yard full of foxgloves and canterbury bells went to seed...a whole lot of ugly for a bit!)
And, to top things off, one of our favorite desserts: Carrot Cake. Now I know the picture looks like a simple little piece of cake on a plate. But it is so moist with the perfect cream cheese frosting on top. Of course, it's from one of my favorite cookbooks of all time...San Francisco a la Carte. The recipe is coming soon, I promise!!

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