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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Gardening Resolution

Pin It Sadly, most of the things on here are from last summer/fall. I'd like to take care of 2 things a week from this list. So, that's what my Spring Gardening Resolution is! I'll cross out the task and date it once it's completed...just so I (and you!) can see how I'm doing.

Gardening To-Do List

Clean out gardening bench area. 5/15/08
Create a fence/barrior to hide the mess.

Clean the chair covers. 5/15/09 (Hosed them off, and then put them in the washing machine!)

Strengthen the 3 trellis sections with galvanized wire. 3/18/08

Add wire to support the clematis by the dining room window. 3/18/08

butterfly bushes

Remove stepping stones by back patio.

Put up a sturdier wire/wood trellis for the clematis by the shed.

Break down wooden pallet.

Create drip irrigation systems:
upper side patio
front porch/window/garage

Fertilize lawns. 5/15/08

1 purple flower
2 camellias
1 coral bell
1 New Zealand flax (4/13/08-Gave it away at the gardening swap)
2 clematis by rhodies 4/13/08
9 dahlias 3/22/08
12 gladioli 3/22/08
3 lilies 3/22/08

Add some aluminum sulfate to the two blue hydrangeas (by shed).

Repair back lawn.

Edge lawns.

Set into the ground 7 stepping stones in the north side yard.

Support the Mexican Orange bush so it’s not flopping. 4/6/08

Put bird netting along side yard trellis. Secure to keep cats out. 4/13/08

Plant more bulbs in fall: front & back yards.
4/13/08: Added about 20 more daffodils to the front.

Make a strawberry tower out of large pot, tiered baskets. 3/22/08

Dig out strawberries and move to their new home. 3/22/08

Figure out the property line along the south end of the yard. 5/14/08 (My measurements had been off by a foot. I just learned that the fence on the north side was built about one foot south of the property line. Now I know why I was off by a foot on the other side!)

Dig up the sorrel. 4/12/08

Put up a new retaining wall along the south end of the yard.

Move the fence back 3-4 3 feet along the south end of the yard.

Move the three astilbe plants to a sunnier (but not too sunny) spot. 4/12/08


Weed some more.

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