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Monday, March 24, 2008

First Planting

Pin It The freshly de-strawberried vegetable bed has some new occupants. Today I planted snap peas, 2 types of lettuce, broccoli, and cilantro seeds.

I've have good luck with everything but the lettuce. The slugs usually devour the lettuce before humans even have a chance. Other friends are able to grow it, so I'm trying again. I've never grown it from seed, but this year I'm hoping to plant it every 10 days (or so) so it's ready at staggered times. I'm doing the same with the peas, broccoli, and cilantro. Hopefully that will work out!

I also bought three more peonies and stuck them in the front gardens. I have a hard time resisting peonies, even though I seem to have trouble getting them to bloom. I'm hoping they're on a three year cycle or something...and that this will be the year the "older" ones bloom. We had beautiful peonies at our rental home. I hope I can get them going here. They are one of my favorite cut flowers.

Speaking of cut flowers, I snipped a few daffodils and a hyacinth today to put in a vase. They are so cheery on my kitchen counter! I love these double daffodils (Golden Ducat), though the blossoms are so heavy they droop to the ground in the garden.


Lisa said...

I've always had good luck with lettuce, the snails devour my peas though!

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