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Monday, February 4, 2008

Stocking Up

Pin It The freezer mis-hap was two weeks ago, and since then, the pickings have been slim around our household. We finished eating the meat, the casseroles, and well...there just wasn't much on-hand. We had breakfast for dinner (eggs, pancakes, etc.), some pasta, and grilled cheese sandwiches. We went out to dinner a couple times because 1) there simply wasn't anything to eat, and 2) I had no time to go shopping to buy food!

Finally my workload let up a bit at the same time Albertsons had a good sale on the hand-trimmed chicken (2.99/lb.) and on petite sirloin steak (2.99/lb.). With these two items on sale, I went on a meat-buying frenzy, buying as much as I could prepare in 1-2 days. Tomorrow (Tuesday) should be the last day for prepping meat to re-stock the freezer.

I went through all my "To Try" recipes and found four new ones to prepare: Tandoori-Style Chicken, Jamaican Jerk Island Kabobs, Chicken & Beef Sate, and Beef Kabobs over Rice. Yes, 3/4 are for the grill! Tells you where my mind is....on warmer, dryer weather! I went ahead and prepped them, because it is possible to grill in the rain. We shouldn't have to give up grilling just because it's a tad bit wet outside.

The picture above shows some of the baggies ready to be be flash-frozen and vacuum packed.

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