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Monday, January 21, 2008


Pin It My yard in mid-winter is waiting. Waiting for clean up (the weeds really need some attention), waiting to be cut back (those that weren't cut back in fall), waiting for growth, and waiting for color. Oh, how I miss the color!

This white metal planter, by our front door, is now a home for the pinecones that Tahoe brings home on his daily walks. Being a good retriever of things, he happily carries one along, depositing it right on the front step upon returning home. Every few days I gather his cones and place them in the basket. At least it's not empty!

Here are some of the colors I'm waiting for:


Angelina said...

Although I love winter and am not necessarily wanting it to end, I too am feeling that garden anticipation.

I've got all my seeds now. Time to get out there. We should both try to get out in our gardens tomorrow because it's supposed to be sunny again.

dg said...

Sunny and COLD!! But I do need to spend at least an hour tidying things up!