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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nice Neighbors...

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As I was on my way to an appointment today, 4 little girls caught my eye. They were standing in front of their house (just around the corner from mine) waving down cars with their handmade sign. It was a nice day, so I figured they were selling lemonade. As I glanced back at them through my rear-view mirror, I realized they had a box of pears on a table. I turned the car around and went back.

The girls were thrilled that someone stopped to buy their pears! When I asked how much for all of them, they told me they were free. I felt guilty taking ALL those pears without giving them anything, but they kept insisting. Their mom came out and told me she'd just canned 12 CASES of pears, and these were leftover from the two trees in their yard. She was hoping someone would come by who was into canning. !!***me***!!

I gave the girls several dollors worth of change as a thank you, put the pears in the car, and went on my way. Tonight I went through them and they are going to be great! Most of them are not quite ready...maybe in a day or two. But there were some that were REALLY ready. So though I wasn't planning on it, I canned 9 pints this evening. I hardly made a dent in the box of pears! As slow as I am at canning (prepping pears takes me FOREVER), I think I will be turning half of these into pear sauce!

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