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Sunday, July 15, 2007

For the love of fuschias...

Pin It Fuschias seem to do very well least when I see them in other people's yards. Each year the nurseries offer these gorgeous 15" hanging baskets of fuschias. There are so many varieties it's hard to select just one. Fuschias need a lot of shade, which is one thing our yard doesn't have much of.

Each year I purchase one and tuck it in the far south-western corner of the yard where it is totally protected by the fence from the south-western sun. I water them at least once a day, but have never had one last more than a couple weeks. Others in town are prospering. I suppose I just need to just accept that I have a black thumb when it comes to fuschias. Here's a picture of this year's fuschia, which will be going out in tomorrow's trash:

In addition the the pre-made basket, I also purchased some small fushia plants: trailing and upright. I tucked three plants into these little baskets that hang on the side of our shed. Well, wouldn't you know it...they are flourishing! It's now mid-July, and we've had weather over 100 degrees. They're still going... So, maybe next year I will completely give up on trying to make one of the pre-made baskets survive, and just stick to the little nursery plants. They seem to like it here!

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ayah said...

The plant on the shed looks lovely. Why don't you try growing them in a regular hanging plant and forget the earthen one, it might do OK for you.