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Thursday, July 12, 2007

10 things I love about our backyard...

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  1. There's not a lot of grass. Just enough to add some green expanse to the yard. Just enough for a Slip 'n Slide.
  2. The 2 plum trees. They were there when we moved in, and are the only things we kept from the original owners' partial landscaping. The trees are decorative flowering plums which are gorgeous in the springtime. Bright pink blossoms all over. Though they are ornamental, every couple of years we seem to get a great crop of plums from them. This is one of those years. Tiny little plums are plentiful, and should be ready sometime in August. They're not the big juicy ones (like my favorite black plums) but have great flavor. The trees are big and full, providing part of our yard from some much needed shade. I only wish they were planted in the southwestern corner (rather than the northwestern corner) so we could get even more relief from the hot southwestern sun that beats down into our yard in the late afternoon.
  3. The yellow butterfly-bush. I just think it's cool. Most are purple or white. Mine's a beautiful shade of yellow.
  4. The herb garden: lavender, sage, oregano, chives, basil, thyme,curry, parsley, rosemary, dill, cilantro, lemon balm, and much, much more! I love looking out of our family room windows into the herb garden. And, I love walking through it on the stepping stones that Katie and I made.
  5. Our "wildlife". I am so not a bird person. However I must admit I get so excited every spring when our tree swallows find their way back to one of the birdhouses that is on our fence. I bet you're wondering why I have birdhouses if I'm not really a bird person. A local woman sells these adorable hand-painted bird houses at our farmers' market every summer. I just loved them, and put them up for decoration, never thinking that anything would make its home in one of them. Well, sure enough....the little swallows call it home. Usually there are three of them that fly around the yard, perching nearby, going in and out for months making a nest. This year we definitely have babies in the house. If you get close enough you can hear the little chirps. They must be tiny, as the eggs are as small as a Jelly Belly. In addition to the birds, we also have a few garter snakes. At first they kind of freaked me out. After living peacefully with them for a few years, I actively look for them when I'm working in the yard. They keep their distance and slink away when they see us. This picture shows one of them under our patio table last week.
  6. Our hammock. Unfortunately it is in need of some repairs so is out of commission this summer. But it is so peaceful to lay in the hammock, listening to some music on a warm breezy day. It helps that the hammock is surrounded by colorful, fragrant flowers.
  7. "Sultry" roses. Kind of a peachy yellow blossom that I just "had to have". I love the color against the blue house. Though I love the roses, I could do without the blackspot and aphids...
  8. Flowers in canning jars. The garden flowers are so plentiful that I can create several bouquets each week. Sometimes I use an actual vase. More and more I find myself simply putting them in a canning jar. I LOVE that when I need a quick gift, I can grab acanning jar and fill it with flowers.
  9. Seats. Lots of seats. Two tables with umbrellas for dining out and entertaining. These get used a lot. About 20 more stackable green plastic chairs for larger parties. And a simple three person canopied swing that sits between the plum trees. A GREAT place to read a book!
  10. HUGE Alaska Shasta Daisies. They must love the spot they're in, as they get about 5 feet high, and 3-4 feet wide. I have to stake them and keep them tied loosely together, otherwise they flop over onto the lawn.

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ayah said...

I just read your blog and enjoyed looking at all your garden pictures. I have a card and garden blog myself and love posting about my garden and flowers too. Will bookmark your blog to check back for current pictures.